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"... the best site for small investors so far"
The remark above came from one respected member of the financial forum community at the time of launch of MojeDionice.com. We are trying to justify that remark and make the last two words of the citation redundant.

The site MojeDionice.com was developed to provide small and medium investors with financial stock data that are of highest quality, frequently updated and relevant. A special emphasis is placed on fundamental data which is an important factor that affects the price of shares in the long term. As an independent stock portal we want our users to have all financial data necessary to make good investment decisions about stocks in Croatia. We provide fundamental stock data and indicators and let users decide on their own which stocks they want to buy or sell.

Besides the fundamental and trading data, the site MojeDionice.com enables users to track their portfolio's performance over time.

We want to follow closely our users' needs and improve the quality and the quantity of the information we provide. Our wish is to become the central place for stock data in the wider region.

Tomo Helman
author of the site
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