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Subscribers have access to more detailed and more frequently updated stock data and other benefits. We believe that this subscription will be one of your most profitable investments.

Selected subscription benefits:
Scan the market ZSE, BSE (liquid stocks) or BLSE (liquid stocks) by over 50 fundamental and trading indicators. Try the advanced scan features and the graphical view of revenue and profit growth by quarter or year.
View dividends per year, record dates and other dividend details.
Track historical changes in top 10 shareholders. Daily changes for most liquid stocks.
Side by side view of up to 8 financial reports (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, changes in capital) with several view modes (quarterly, cumulative, annual).
Additional subscriber benefits...
...can be found in the table below.

Comparative table of subscriber features

Place the mouse pointer on the function description right to the icon to show the details about that function.
FunctionSubscribersRegistered users
stock screener - screen stocks by fundamental and technical indicators (79 indicators) YES! NO :(
graphical view of revenue and profit growth by quarter or year in the stock screener YES! NO :(
historical dividends and dividend details, search by dividends all available data last 3 years
calculation of tax on realized capital gain YES! NO :(
view most recent fundamental indicators without delay delayed at least 1680h
beta coefficient YES! NO :(
side by side view of financial reports no limit last 2 periods for which the financial reports are available
side by side view of financial indicators by year no limit last 3 years
new financial report alert YES! NO :(
export financial reports to Excel YES! NO :(
View trend for fundamental indicators and screening by the trend YES! NO :(
selecting the country in the stock screener Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republic of Srpska) Croatia
top 10 shareholders updates daily every friday
changes in top 10 shareholders for most liquid stocks no limit last 30 days only
turn off advertisements on pages YES! NO :(
influencing the development of future site features YES! NO :(
request to add/verify financial data or report YES! NO :(
* can not guarantee subscribers the continued provision of any service that is based on information which cease to be publicly available or on data to which the access is restriced (e.g. through a verification code, registration, etc.).

Subscription price

The subscription price is:
Individuals and companies
(except financial institutions)
 - 6 months: 72.00 EUR (542.48 Kn)
 - 12 months:
   (10% savings)
130.00 EUR (979.49 Kn)

Financial institutions
(includes 5 user accounts)
 - 6 months:
278.00 EUR (2,094.59 Kn)
 - 12 months:
   (10% savings)
500.00 EUR (3,767.25 Kn)
The company is not subject to VAT. The existing subscribers have 10% discount on the stated prices if the subscription is renewed before its expiration.
The subscription can be paid with bitcoin (15% additional savings)

Who would benefit from the subscription?

  • experienced small investors who manage their portfolios actively
  • investors with medium or large portfolios who want better control over the risk of their investments
  • employees of financial institutions who need to have the most relevant and up-to-date stock information
  • business analysts and reporters who need a quality source for their analysis and news
  • all those who feel that their access to the detailed stock information will bring them a certain advantage over those who do not have that information or who do not know to interpret it

Who would not benefit from the subscription?

  • beginners in stock investing with just a few months of experience
  • those whose investment decisions are based primarily on media news, forums and personal feelings
  • investors with very small portfolios who could not afford the subscription

Users who do not choose to subscribe will still have access to a substantial amount of stock data and information. SPONSOR: - crypto prices from trusted exchanges
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